Our Support

Our campaign is honored to be endorsed by:

Education Leaders

Rosemary Kamei, County Board of Education Trustee
Claudia Rossi, County Board of Education Trustee
Pattie Cortese, East Side Union Board Trustee
Lan Nguyen, East Side Union Board Trustee
Frank Biehl, East Side Union Board Trustee
Andres Quintero, Alum Rock School Board Trustee
Peter Ortiz, Mt. Pleasant School Board Trustee
Omar Torres, Franklin-McKinley School Board Trustee
Joccelyn Merz, Alum Rock Educators Assoc. President
Ed Buller, East Side Foundation Board President & Ret. Teacher
Raymond Mueller, Alum Rock & East Side Union Citizens Bond Oversight Committees

Elected Leaders

Jim Beall, CA State Senate
Ash Kalra
, CA Assembly
Kansen Chu, CA Assembly
Cindy Chavez, County Supervisor
Dave Cortese, County Supervisor
Sergio Jimenez, San José City Council

Neighbors & Community Leaders

Maya Esparza
Rev. Jethroe Moore
Shay Franco-Clausen


Evergreen Teachers Association
East Side Teachers Association
Alum Rock Educators Association

BAYMEC, Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee
Evolve California
Santa Clara County Democratic Party
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council


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